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ClassMate Vacuum

The ClassMate comes standard with one Becker rotary vane vacuum pump. It provides 174 cfm and up to 25.5 in/Hg. A simple design and few moving parts means minimal down time and high reliability. Since these pumps use an oil-less, C-Face, direct drive motor, service work can typically be done in 15 minutes or less by your maintenance staff, with no special tools. This pump is compact and scalable, preserving your valuable floor space while making upgrading to a second or third pump, if more holding force is needed, it's simple due to its stackable rack mount design.

A high flow universal vacuum table system, made from high density composite Phenolic material for stability and accuracy, comes standard on every ClassMate. Phenolic is heat and static resistant and can also be easily repaired in the event of an operator or programming error. Every vacuum table comes with a high flow, 1in full vacuum waffle grid for easy set-up and part fixturing, oversized 4in intake manifold, and CR CNC’s unique high flow vacuum inlets, to offer maximum vacuum airflow and absolutely minimal airflow restriction for unbelievable part holding. The table is vacuum plumbed for quick connection to the included vacuum pump, for immediate use with dedicated fixtures, flow-through spoilboards, the optional composite NEMI upgrade, or other methods of vacuum part holding, to secure work pieces to the table.

PanelMate with NEMI Grid

PanelMate with Suck-through Spoilboard

174cfm Becker Vacuum Pump

Rack with Three 174cfm Becker Pumps

40HP Dekker Vacuum Pump