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Becker Pumps Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of vacuum pumps to the woodworking industry. Becker’s dry, oil-free vacuum pumps provide clean vacuum without oil smoke, oil leaks or oil changes. All Becker dry pumps are designed to be user serviceable without the need for special tools or equipment. Available in sizes up to 50 HP for today’s larger tables.

Benz Incorporated is a manufacturer, distributor and service organization dedicated to the business of aggregate tooling and drilling products for all CNC Routers and Machining Centers. In addition to standard “off the shelf” products we are able to offer custom solutions to address any machining application.

Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. provides top notch vacuum cups for CR Onsrud routers. Our vacuum cups are made of a solid rubber material therefore, tools are not damaged when the cups are accidentally routed into. BVC cups are extremely durable and can be dropped with no damage to the cup, table or material.

Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. offers several vacuum pump and system solutions for the woodworking industry and is a proud partner with C.R. Onsrud.  Dekker’s most popular woodworking vacuum solution is the Vmax oil sealed liquid ring vacuum system with its rugged, high quality design and patented separators eliminating oil carryover.

NEMI strives to manufacture the most quality, user friendly products for CNC machines. NEMI has been manufacturing digitizers, tool setters, vacuum pods, vacuum cups, vacuum tables, vacuum chucks and software for many years.

Schmalz is the leading supplier of Vacuum Handling Systems: The JUMBO Vacuum Tube Lifter helps to load and unload CNC-machines faster, more safely and ergonomically. Schmalz is also the world market leader for Vacuum Clamping Systems for CNC-machines. Schmalz is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified for more than 10 years.


Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg., Inc. (GLCT) is a recognized manufacturer of the highest-quality custom cutting tools produced for the world’s woodworking, plastic, composite and non-ferrous industries since 1979.

Onsrud Cutter has been a producer of high end router tooling for nearly 65 years. Our manufacturing facility houses the latest CNC grinders, PCD manufacturing equipment, and a NEW coating cell. Product offerings include high speed steel, carbide tipped, solid carbide, and PCD tooling in a wide variety of cutting geometries. When you come across a difficult to cut material, think ONSRUD.

Southeast Tool offers router bits, drills, insert and diamond tooling for the woodworking and plastic industry.

Leitz Tooling Systems is the world’s largest tooling manufacturer and service provider to the woodworking, plastics and non-ferrous metals industries. Our global engineering network provides optimized tooling options, based on proven solutions from around the world.

SCHUNK Inc is a leading manufacturer of innovative products including: precision toolholders and arbors, lathe chucks, chuck jaws, stationary workholding devices, and automation components. With manufacturing facilities in both the US and in Europe, SCHUNK is very capable of providing a wide range of high-value solutions to satisfy your needs.

Techniks manufactures top-quality tool holders and accessories for CNC routers including: ER collet chucks, drill chucks, arbors, aggregate heads, shrink-fit tool holders, collets, retention knobs, and more. All Techniks products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The ArtCAM software product range from Delcam, provides a unique CAD modeling and CNC CAM machining solution. Delcam has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacturing of complex shapes. With ArtCAM you can create high quality products from 2D artwork faster than you ever thought possible.

KCD is a leader in custom design and manufacturing software for professionals in the cabinet and closet business. KCD’s sophisticated software system is designed to grow with your business. Start with a KCD Designer then expand to CNC with KCD One Button. KCD, software you can build on.

Mastercam gives your shop the best possible foundation for fast and efficient routing. From general purpose methods such as optimized nesting and block drilling to highly specialized toolpaths like 5-axis trimming, Mastercam ensures that you’re ready for any job. Mastercam Router can grow with your business. Start with what you need, and upgrade to new machining techniques as your needs grow.

Planit is a global supplier of design for manufacturing software for the engineering, woodworking and stone industries. The company provides its customers with products and services that enable them to improve the productivity of their machine tools, shorten design and manufacturing time, optimize material usage and deliver high quality goods and services to their customers.

Roger Shaw & Associates, Inc. is the largest independent software and technology sales and marketing company in North America exclusively serving the woodworking industry. Please visit us at www.rogershaw.com for more details.

TenonCam is a Turn-Key system for CNC Nested Based cabinet manufacturing, designed for Frameless and Face Frame construction methods. TenonCam also produces drawer boxes, and toe boards. The patent pending TenonCam router bits create mortise and tenon joints In-the-Nest without having to compensate for material thickness variations. Parts are fully machined and usually require no secondary operations.

ETemplate is ideal for complete 3D spatial measuring as is needed for accurate cabinet design and layout. ETemplate Systems has worked closely with the various cabinet design software companies and is the only digital measuring system that exports Planit Solutions’ ORD format, is fully DXF compatible, and also exports file formats for Microvellum and KCDw cabinet design software.