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PanelMate Software

All CR CNCs can run on any software that produces G-Code! This means if you already have a favorite software package that you like, it is compatible with a CR CNC router. Our technical staff will even work with your preferred software vendor to provide you a fully functioning post processor (for correctly translating your software's output to machinable G-Code).

Express for CR CNC by ArtCAM

VectorArtLogoExpress software for CR CNC by ArtCAM is included as part of the standard PanelMate package. Express is one of the most intuitive software packages available on the market. This allows a user to be trained and comfortable programming the software typically in as little as one day. With the extensive video tutorials and great documentation, it is always easy to learn exactly what a tool's function is in the program. Due to our great relationship with Delcam, a custom version of ArtCAM Express, Express for Onsrud, has been developed. Express for Onsrud is a customized solution that includes some extra functionality, such as ramping lead-ins and lead-outs, multi-drill block support, and many others, to make the machine more productive.


Cab2Nest_LogoCab2Nest is an easy to use cabinet software solution that is fully integrated with your CR CNC machine. You will quickly be designing and sectioning cabinets and then outputting 100% accurate code directly to your Nested Based router. Cab2Nest includes features such as Face Frame, Frame-less, and Blind Dado construction Methods; Order Entry; Create your own custom machinable library of casegoods; Import, nest, and machine DXF files; Create individual non-casegood parts to machine.


RouterCAD_LogoRouterCAD has worked closely with CR CNC to create productivity packages uniquely available with your CR CNC purchase. The CR CNC RouterCAD NBM Productivity Package includes: AutoCabinets - a full 3D CAD-Based Graphic Design System; PanelCAD - the ultimate "Part Maker" for the CNC Router; Ai Center - CNC Control Center that include compete Parametric Cabinet, "Order-Driven" cabinet creation; Fully Integrated RouterCAD "One Solution" (EnRoute) True Shape Nesting and 100% "Machine-Ready" G-Code; Special onsite RouterCAD/CR CNC Integration by a RouterCAD specialist.


iCut_Logoi-Cut allows you to efficiently produce a vast array of finished graphic products such as flat and dimensional point of purchase, flexible vinyl, adhesives, in-store displays, outdoor advertising, fleet & vehicle graphics, decal and label, and more. i-Cut offers the power of proven full non-linear distortion correction, a simple, intuitive user interface, and full prepress and RIP integration. Jobs are quickly prepared and sent to your CR CNC router without error or miscalculation. And with the many i-script compatible RIP's only i-Cut integrates finishing from the design, printing and cutting steps.

Other Software

There are many other software that are recommended for specific application of your CR CNC Router. Some of these include: AlphaCAM, MasterCAM, EnRoute, ArtCAM, RouterType, VectorArt3D, VCarve, VisualMill, RhinoCAD, CADCode, Microvellum, 20-20, KCDw, CabinetVision, CabinetWare, CabinetBuilder, SigmaNest, NESTERwood, Component Innovation, E-Template, and many more!