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AMC-B&R Control

BR_ControllerThe AMC-B&R (Automatic Machine Controller), is an open-architecture controlsystem that is designed with simplicity, reliability, and ease of use in mind. This is a fully-functional, stand-alone, complete machine control system made entirely from standard, off-the-shelf, plug and play components that are readily available worldwide. It is manufactured by Bernecker & Rainer Automation, which is one of the largest international private control companies in the world today, with over 220 engineers in R&D, 300 application engineers, and another 125 engineers in their sales department.

BR_HandPadStandard on all PanelMate, SignMate, and ClassMate Series machines, the AMC-B&R is much more than the mobile hand pad interface that operates the machine. The AMC-B&R is a complete electronics, motion, and control system. With a blazing 1ms block processing time, a super-fast dedicated processor, and 128 multi-block G-code look ahead, the AMC-B&R provides smooth and reliable machine motion without compromising power or capability. It utilizes an intuitive, easy to understand, easy to integrate, and easy to learn interface via single labeled keys that are used to select any of the possible machine functions. The simple, conversational, intuitive menu structure allows almost all of the many features to be selected using only three soft keys.


PC_VNCIf you prefer to use a PC as your machine interface, the Integrated VNC-PC Front Link allows for a quick hook-up to any user-provided PC, which will then have complete control over machine operations. This provides all of the benefits of PC connectivity, with the robustness and trustworthiness of a proven machine tool controller built from uniform standard plug and play components. If you change your mind later, simply switch the machine back into handheld mode, unplug your PC, and all standard machine functions transfer back to the handpad.VNC_screen This innovative and unique design eliminates the potential for obsolescence of the PC hardware or the PC's operating system that other traditional PC fronts with static PC interfaces will inevitably face. As long as your next PC has an Ethernet connection, it has what it needs to connect to your AMC-B&R controlled CR CNC machine.

This should be especially important if you intend to program using CAD/CAM or design packages on the shop floor or at the machine. Any computer or PC front that is powerful enough to run today's cutting edge software will soon find itself not powerful enough to run tomorrow's. If that happens, your company will be forced to use yesterday's dated and/or incapable software because of an obsolete PC or out of date operating system. The AMC-B&R control system's innovative & unique design illustrates our belief that all which is complex is not useful, but all that is useful is simple.