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AMC B&R Control for TableMate


BR_ControllerAutomatic Handheld Machine Control System, with Ethernet Connection, USB connectivity, & Serial connectivity. The Onsrud AMC-B&R (Automatic Machine Controller), is an open-architecture control system that is designed with simplicity, reliability, and ease of use in mind. This is a fully-functional, stand-alone, complete machine control system made entirely from standard, off-the-shelf, plug and play components that are readily available worldwide. It is manufactured by Bernecker & Rainer Automation, which is one of the largest international private control companies in the world today.

The AMC-B&R provides smooth and reliable machine motion without BR_HandPadcompromising power & capability. It utilizes an intuitive, easy to understand, easy to integrate, and easy to learn interface via single labeled keys that are used to select any of the possible machine functions. The simple, conversational, intuitive menu structure allows almost all of the many features to be selected using only three soft keys. It is an easy to read, feature rich, and fully-functional display, which often eliminates the need for a PC at the machine. All axes can be incrementally jogged using the Included Hand Pulse Wheel for quick and precise manual machine positioning. Cutting Feed Rates, Rapid Traverse Feed Rates, and Spindle Speeds are adjustable on-the-fly from the hand pad. Manually control the state of inputs & outputs, with status indication for all for quick & easy machine diagnoses & troubleshooting.

Multiple Jobs can be stored inside the flash memory up to 4GB of G-code (16MB standard). Ring Mode from your PC for any job that standard memory can not already accommodated. Upgrading, and/or backing up the standard memory is as inexpensive & easy as the purchase of a larger compact flash card. Resume function in most cases allows the operator to pick back up in the middle of a program without a re-datum of the machine. Search Function allows the operator to start or resume in the middle of a job, or at the start of any tool, even after an E-Stop & re-datum. Positive or negative diameter compensation can be done with the controller, which eliminates the need to change or reprogram parts due to changing tool diameters. Tool table with 54 tool offsets & 6 Fixture offsets add to operator flexibility. The AMC-B&R Controller System is based on a true rugged machine control, designed & built for hot, harsh, and dirty environments with a link to a PC, instead of using a PC, & PC hardware to operate the machine.