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Local Training

All CR CNC Routers come with local training provided by one of the many factory certified dealers in our extensive network. The CR CNC is typically set up, running, trained, and successfully producing product in just one day! When a CR CNC Router is ordered the included CAD/CAM software package is sent out immediately so proficiency can be achieved before the machine's arrival. Once the CR CNC router arrives at your facility a factory certified applications specialist will come out install the machine and train the users.

One full day of training at your facility is always included, by the local CR CNC distributor. Onsite machine training is spent mostly at the machine, helping to set up for actual production. Operators are trained about proper fixture making, tooling selections, correct tool paths, and preventative machine maintenance.

The goal for CR CNC onsite installation and training is not just training on the machine, but also cutting your parts, from your drawings, on your spoilboards, using your tools, to your specifications. In one of the few circumstances or locales where there is no local distributor, able or willing, to provide this training, then this training is available and provided directly from the factory.